Optimize your HMI, Improve Alarm Management Strategies, Provide Dynamic Simulators for Recurrent Training, Automate Repetitive Procedures, and Meet the Daily Challenge of Change Management to give your Operator an advanced tool set!

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. provides application services from traditional configuration to advanced strategies that bring out the best in your control system!

Enhanced Graphics and HMI Strategies

  • Standardize subpicture library for maintainability.
  • Utilize layers of detail and specific color selection to improve visibility of critical information.
  • Utilize custom change zones and targets to improve user friendliness of graphic displays.
  • Enhance Operator recognition with standardized use of reserved colors for alarm management and status.
  • Use custom trends in graphics for historical data.

Automated Procedures and Logic

  • Implement logic blocks for operational interlocks.
  • Utilize control programs to automate repetitive procedures, and to standardize strategies.
  • Combine graphics with point configuration and control programs to automate step changes in continuous operations, or recipe changes between campaigns.
  • Utilize graphics and control programs to trigger on-line help in response to equipment state changes.

Dynamic Training Simulators

  • Simulate any part of the process plant controls and associated safety system logic or interlocks.
  • Utilizes material and energy balances based on theoretical and empirical algorithms.
  • Include instrument failure modes, process equipment failure modes, and pre-defined scenarios for training.
  • Controlled by an Instructor at a separate console.
  • The simulation can run in real-time mode or in speed-up mode, as selected by the Instructor.
  • Provides Operator Certification documentation.

Alarm Management Strategies

  • Utilize control programs to maintain critical alarm settings, and control manual bypass occurrences.
  • Prioritize and classify alarms, and inhibit reporting of nuisance alarms to improve critical alarm recognition.
  • Utilize control programs to manage alarm status for backup or out-of-service process equipment.
  • Combine graphics with control programs to allow Operator programmable target-alarms to manage batching tasks.
  • Provide first-out and sequence-of-events reporting.

Traditional Services for Project Implementation and Management of Change

  • Point Building
  • History Configuration
  • Control Logic Programs
  • Gateway Interfaces
  • Complex Loop Configuration
  • Free Format Logs
  • Network Configuration Changes
  • System Administration
  • Graphic Displays
  • Trend Displays
  • Group Building
  • System Documentation

Control System Performance Strategies
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