GPFrac Technology Targets Gas Plant Performance

Barry D. Payne & Associates Inc. offer Advanced Process Control strategies designed for multiple platforms that deliver plant improvements with your current system today!

On Target Solutions include Advanced NGL Fractionation Control technology that delivers performance superior to conventional advanced control.  This technology runs in your current DCS or PLC, and requires no host or supervisory computer.

Whether your facility operates a single Y-grade (EP mix) splitter, or a multi-tower "Frac" train through DIB and Gasoline, most NGL fractionation processes can benefit from our simple but effective GPFrac strategies.

  • Increase yields of higher-value product and reduce energy costs, or
  • Increase throughput up to equipment limits.

Some or all of the control system-based strategies can be commissioned at a fraction of the cost it takes to actually install the DCS or PLC and field devices.

Product Composition
Integrates chromatographs, Pressure-compensated temperature and models with material balance and separation-based control.  Relaxes control of less-valued product when necessary.

Load Change Management
Feed forward signals are incorporated into decoupled control strategies that smoothly handle upstream disturbances.

Process Limit Controls
Delta P, Product Loss, Reflux, Tower Pressures, Hot Oil System Demand, Refrigeration Load, etc.

Upset Response
Weather effects on Air Condensers; Hot Oil, Refrigeration, or Waste Heat Changes.

The GPFrac strategies have been utilized to automatically keep the plant on target while operators deal with plant upsets such as compressor trips, heater trips, or amine system problems.

Gas Processing Performance Strategies
Optimize Liquid Product Recovery with Advanced Fractionation Control

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