When It Rains, It Pours!  And BDP Inc. value-added services can deliver the solutions to cover your project exposure.

Barry D. Payne & Associates Inc. understands the demands imposed on your staff by project timelines, cost cutting, and resource constraints. Consider BDP Inc. as a resource to your organization, offering  value-added services to your staff and project teams on a Time & Material or turnkey basis!

The services offered by BDP Inc. include traditional system integration for process controls, advanced regulatory controls, DCS and PLC implementation, I&E design and construction, RTU and EFM integration, and SCADA system projects including Industrial Networking, Enterprise IT Integration, and Web Solutions.  BDP Inc. can provide Well-to-Web integration solutions for your organization.

BDP Inc. provides value-added SCADA engineering services and associated industrial networking solutions from the leasehold through the plant to the corporate infrastructure, for projects that include:

  • Expanding, optimizing, or integrating existing field SCADA systems;
  • Embarking on a new SCADA project;
  • Integrating operations systems with your back-office systems;
  • data management, data historian, data reporting, dataflow integration;
  • Optimizing or automating back-office workflows;
  • data analysis, eForms, web solutions, knowledge and records management.

Our approach to value-added services is simple, YOU are the boss.  BDP Inc. is not tied to any particular system, platform or brand, even though our staff is experienced with most commercially available systems in the SCADA market.  You decide the roadmap by defining the scope of work or the technical challenge, and BDP Inc. will provide a proposal and an independent analysis of "best practice options and solutions" based on the project objectives and timeline.  And every BDP Inc. project is designed for sustained performance, using structured programming techniques, commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, and investments in client training for successful operations.  Post-project services are also available on an as-needed basis to support your personnel and your installed systems. We won’t leave you hanging after the initial project is done!

SCADA Services and Industrial Networking Solutions from Well to Web
System design, implementation, and support on a T&M or turnkey basis.
Don't wait, take advantage of BDP Inc. Value-Added Services today!

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