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Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. has been serving the process industries since 1984.  Headquartered near Houston, Texas, BDP Inc. provides consulting and project services throughout the Gulf Coast and Southwest region.  Turn-key automation projects have ranged from Alabama to Wyoming, while engineering services are offered in response to our clients needs at both domestic and international locations.

A Practical Approach

Our approach to achieving plant performance improvements is a pragmatic one.  We begin by discussing operational problems and goals with Client Operations personnel.

This serves two purposes, by providing a quick targeting of the most useful control improvements for prioritizing, and getting operations to "buy in" to the value of Advanced Control enhancements.

By targeting and prioritizing known Plant problems, we can gain rapid and measurable benefits to Plant performance, providing credibility and building confidence in the value of the effort.

By getting Operations involvement and participation, we insure that the improvements will not be simply overridden as soon as the work is completed, assuring continued benefits.

In today's environment, when most homes now have a PC more powerful than any industrial computer of two decades ago, it is tempting to assume that most Plants are well automated.  The fact is that many Plants still operate with expensive digital panel boards, and many Clients have invested in "Advanced Control" projects that now gather dust due to poor implementation and lack of maintenance.  But modern DCS and PLC controls have the power to produce real, observable benefits to make plants more reliable, more efficient, and safer.  The key is in the implementation, not in the system.

Control System Performance Strategies
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