Combustion Control Strategies and Services from system design, through logic configuration, to system installation.

Barry D. Payne & Associates Inc. offer System Integration Services to design, implement, test, and install industrial Combustion Control Systems for your facility.

Modern Combustion Control Strategies for direct-fired processes improve efficiency and dynamic performance.  Excess Oxygen controls operate effectively, and have been extended to multiple fuel firing in combination with fuel-to-air cross-limiting and cost-basis fuel selection.  These industry proven techniques have been successfully commissioned by BDP Inc. on various DCS and PLC platforms.

Parallel Unit Controls using heat balance models improve the dynamic responsiveness of multiple boiler steam systems, for parallel waste heat recovery units on turbine exhaust, and for hot oil systems.  Combustion control strategies when fully-integrated across parallel units enhance operator efficiency, improve unit response to demand changes, and provide load balancing on a continuous basis.

Burner Management Systems (BMS) with Combustion Control Strategies can be implemented in DCS or PLC based process controls for a complete Combustion Management system.

Economic Benefit of Improved Combustion Control:

  • Lowest cost fuel selection strategies for preferential use of waste sources.
  • Improved Efficiency from excess O2 controls.
  • Increased capacity in existing equipment.
  • Less tendency to over-fire and over reboil during upset management.
  • Better regulation of steam and hot oil systems for tighter, more efficient operation.

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