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Rate Processing Management

Automatically adjusts Plant Rate to meet Inlet or Residue Pressure and Processing Volume requirements at lowest practical Tower pressure to maximize recovery.  Limiting logic maintains Tower and Recompression conditions at safe levels.

C1/C2 or C1 Composition Control

Advanced control of NGL product composition provides on-spec NGL production day or night, attended or unattended. Strategy utilizes onstream analysis (single or multi-stream), Tower pressure, Expander operating conditions, and several other factors to reduce overstripping losses and Methane give-away. Proven by years of service at several sites.

"Cold Spin" Protection

Cold Separator liquids rate is used to drive a Tower flooding prevention strategy, allowing operations to "push" temperatures colder around the clock. This strategy reduces low recovery operation due to cold spin upset and subsequent warming up, using the JT valve or other means.

Chiller Level Management

Reduces or eliminates Chiller propane "carry-over" due to poor level control during load change, permitting operation at efficient covered tube bundle levels for fuel savings and maximum capacity.

Gas Processing Performance Strategies
Scalable Cryo Plant Control Solutions for Your Current Automation Platform.
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