It's as easy as A-B-C to deliver valuable plant documentation in a portable format.

Barry D. Payne & Associates, Inc. offers a friendly media solution for your control system documentation to capture technical expertise, reusable engineering, and plant standards.

Identify your target Audience.
Select your target audience to best define the scope of your .

  • Training manuals for Process Operators and Engineers.
  • Maintenance Manuals for Instrument/Electrical Technicians.
  • Plant Standards for Engineers and System Administrators.
  • Commissioning Manuals for Project Execution Teams.

Select plant documents for your media Book.
Pick documents that encourage reusable standards or demand frequent reference for constant operation.

  • Process Diagrams.
  • Training Guides.
  • Loop Sheets.
  • Wiring Diagrams.
  • Standard Procedures.
  • Network Diagrams.
  • Configuration Listings.
  • Equipment Data Sheets, and more.

Then Customize your media presentation for added value.

  • Friendly Navigation tools for ease of use.
  • Integrate your documents with Hyperlinks.
  • Add pop-up windows with helpful hints.
  • Provide a comprehensive Index.
  • Use embedded images and photographs.
  • Add video clips and audio messages.

Now launch your from one of many media formats!

  • Local Hard Disk.
  • Network Server.
  • Individual CD-ROM.
  • Intranet Web Browser.

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