BDP Product Data Sheets
GP-99-001 Gas Processing Performance Controller
GP-99-002 Gas Processing Rate Controller
BDP Technical Data Sheets
TDS-99001 What Are ON TARGET Solutions?
TDS-99002 How Do ON TARGET Solutions Benefit?
TDS-99003 Distillation Control With ON TARGET Solutions.
Other Information
EE-2014 Improving Gas Plant Operational Efficiency
GPA-2011 Overcoming CO2 Challenges Using Advanced Controls
GPA-2010 Maintaining ROI on APC Investments, a Case History
GPA-2010 Improving Operations Reliability Through Upset Management Controls
HUGS-2009 Advanced Process Control Strategies Enhance Midstream Performance
OGJ-2009 Practical advanced control helps midstream operations - April 20, 2009
GPA-2007 Digital Bus Instruments and Motor Controls Speed Results on a Fast Track Gas Treating Project
OGJ-2006 ARC Strategies Benefit Dual-Train Cryo, Frac Plant - Volume 104.35; September 18, 2006
GPA-2006 Advanced Regulatory Control of a Dual-Train Cryo / Fractionator Plant
GPA-2005 Unattended Remote Operation Facilitated by Plant Controls Upgrade with Advanced Regulatory Controls
STAC-Oct2004 Gas Plant Success Application - STAC Seminar Presentation
WebEx-Oct2004 Advanced Process Control Strategies Optimize Gas Plant Control Link to WebEx Recording
EE-2004 PlantWeb Designs on a Fast Track Project
GPA-2003 The Control System as an Information Resource: Motivation and Benefits
OGJ-2003 Low-maintenance Control Systems Improve NGL Recovery at Texas Gas Plant - Volume 101.20; May 19, 2003
GPA-2003 Enhanced NGL Recovery with Low Cost, Low Maintenance Controls
GPA-2002 Practical Fractionator Solutions: Smaller Sigma and Larger Margins
OGJ-2002 Control Strategies Improve Louisiana NGL Plant Operations - Vol 100, Issue 39; September 23, 2002
Brochures and Literature
BDP-2009 BDP Inc. Services and Solutions Brochure
BDP-2007 BDP Inc. Services and Solutions Brochure
BDP-2002 BDP Inc. Services and Solutions Brochure
BDP-1999 BDP Inc. Overview and Capabilities Brochure
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