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  Recent Project News:

Control system maintenance documents drive project success

Recent BDP Inc. brown-field retrofit projects have highlighted the value of up-to-date control system documentation.  While most control system documents fall outside the realm of Process Safety Management (PSM), the status of maintained control system documents and software backups can impact project success.  These maintenance documents should at a minimum define the control system inventory, equipment distribution, connectivity between systems, and the current control and display functionality.

When control system upgrades are evaluated as part of a methodical project execution over many months, these control system maintenance documents provide necessary design input while minimizing detailed site surveys that may require significant man hours to inspect and redefine the installed control system.   Or when plant events result in a need to upgrade or replace control system equipment as part of a fast-track recovery project, these control system maintenance documents provide a suitable design basis for rapid response while minimizing reverse engineering and revalidation of the previously installed control system.

In addition to PSM documents, the operating staff should consider the value of maintaining the following control system documents over the life of the installed control system.

<> Software backups for all controllers, logic processors and HMI display applications

<> Network Diagrams depicting proprietary control system networks and connections to third-party devices

<> Control system IO List as a spreadsheet inventory of loops assigned per IO module with process ranges and alarm set points

<> Panel bill of material and wiring diagrams with loop termination assignments

BDP Inc. works closely with our clients to develop life-extension plans and to implement control system upgrades as ongoing risk management for many control system platforms.  These services include control system audits and reverse engineering of legacy control systems to provide updated maintenance documents, to help estimate future upgrade costs, and to establish a configuration baseline for rapid response in the event of an unscheduled system replacement.  These pre-emptive engineering tasks, together with maintaining certified software backups and off-line programming resources, can mitigate the excessive cost and disruption associated with a legacy control system upgrade.  Contact BDP Inc. for more information on process control improvements to enhance your plant operations today.

Partial List of Current Projects at BDP:

<> Process control consulting and APC technical support to design and commission model-based controls for a NGL fractionation facility near Houston.

<> Electrical and instrument design services for new compressor stations and central production facilities to collect oil & gas in west Texas.

<> Engineering, configuration, and system delivery for an integrated PCS and SIS control system for a cryogenic gas plant in west Texas.

<> Liquid Terminal expansion in south Texas, including electrical and instrument design, control system integration, programming & test, and commissioning support.

Partial List of Systems included in recent BDP projects:

<> Emerson Delta V control system.
<> Honeywell Experion PKS  system.
<> PAC8000 process control system from GE Intelligent Platforms.
<> Wonderware InTouch HMI with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC


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